Monday, July 4, 2011

Swap with Martje from **Girly - Addictions** #2

I totally forgot to show you these beauties which I got a while ago. :i I'm still keeping them on my desk and watching them all the time. :P
I wanted them for a while, especially when I saw all those beautiful swatches from AmyGrace at The Polished Perfectionist. Seriously, I'd love to have all polishes she show us... Her pictures and NAILS are just amazing. :L
And then lovely Martje from **Girly - Addictions** make my dreams come true and I got them. :h She was so nice and got all I wanted for me and for Dolores from colorful bottle's blog. Thank you so much! :k

Outa Control

All are soooo beautiful! I'm in love (again). :P

And some extras:

Thank you Martje! :k

Do you own or want any polishes from Teeez? :)

Have fun,
Ivana :k

7 Comment(s):

  1. Wow I love these polishes, they look so beautiful! I can't wait to see your manis done with these =]

  2. Glad for you ^^
    Have fun with these wonder!!

  3. ljubomorna sam krasni su :)

  4. I have these too they are soo pretty, enjoy your swap :)

  5. @Sara ♥'s ...: Me too, they're sooo preety. :)

    @rock-or-not: Thanks. :)

    @Lendoxia: Predivni. :L

    @-Diana-: I definitely will! :)

    @♥ Claire ♥: Totally, right? :)

  6. joj, joj, joj... fenomenalni lakovi *.*


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