Monday, September 6, 2010

OPI - A Grape Fit! + Konad

Of course I added some stamping to most beautiful Lilac shade A Grape Fit! - and I ruined it!

I didn't pick right color (I choose black polish from Manhattan) for stamping, image plate M64 (my favorite pattern) and I also added some pink nail art stones, which I got in sample package from Viva La Nails.

I don't like it but here are the picture for you:

I really don't like stones, because surface of nail isn't smooth and that bothers me a lot!

While I was doing this mani I prepared myself Vanilla Pudding with cream. I ate it still warm, I love warm pudding more than cold.

A few hours later one of already shor nail broke so now I have really short nails. Hate it! My nails become so weak lately - I'll start eating FidiBiotin for nails and I have to buy one good nail hardener, which one do you suggest?

Have a nice and beautiful day,

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  1. Zelo lepo si to naredila, je pa res, da če ne nosiš velikokrat kristalčkov na nohtih te kr mal motijo( vsaj mene). Nohtki bojo pa že zrastli, meni je za utrditev pomagal Essence ultra strong nail hardner, samo sem ga "mal" predovgo (pol leta) uporabljala, pa mi je formaldehid uničil nohte, sam če bi ga uporabljala tako kot piše tega ne bi bilo. Morem zaj spet eno kuro naredit =))

    Sladica pa zgleda zelo slastna =)))

  2. manikura ti nije unistena nego sjajno izgleda :)

  3. Bas super izgleda, nije uopste pokvarena ovim dodatkom :)

  4. ful mi je všeč! tile kamenčki so pika na i:)

  5. @colorfulbottle: Glede kristalčkov, mene so res ful motili, res preveč so debeli. :/

    Potem bom pa probala tega od Essence, če praviš da je OK, sama poznam le njihove barvne lake. x)
    Ja puding je bil pa ekstra. :P Hvala! <3

    @ All: Thank you! I really didn't like it, but now you made my day with all your beautiful compliments. :) But I think I'll never use those little stones again. x) I'm really glad that you like it! <3

  6. Love that konad. They are always awesome. And I want to come over and have some pudding!!!!!

  7. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :) I wish I could share it with you! :)

    @Lalica: Hvala! :)


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