Friday, August 27, 2010

Claire's Mood Nail Polish - Calm/Wild

It's finally over. But now I have to wait for results. I don't know what's worse... Waiting for exam to come or waiting for the results.

I really don't know if it was enough for passing the exam, because you really never know. If you think you'll pass it, it can also happened that you don't pass. So... We have to wait. Fingers crossed! Next week I have one more, but for that one I'm not worried at all. So, now I can finally relax.

And thank you all for best wishes, it really means a lot to me! Really! Love you all!

As I said yesterday I pick Claire's Mood Nail Polish for my exam, but I don't know why but it didn't change color at all, like it did when I had it a few months ago. All the time was pink, no purple color on my nails. Maybe it was too hot? I add 2 coats, no problem with application, love it!

I got it from Nihrida - . I wanted it so bad and she make my wish come true - THANK YOU, you're such a sweethearth! I'm sure you already know her, her blog it's amazing, I really can't stop starring at her perfect nails!

I was so sleepy so I took the pictures and went to sleep, because I didn't sleep at night. So here are a few bad pictures, on last one I put them under cold water just to show a purple color too. Next time I'll lacquer my nails with, I'll play with water a lot to take some extra color changing pictures.


I hope I'll get my hands on more Mood Polish, because they are really awesome and so special. I wish they would sell them also here in Slovenia, but I think unfortunately that's really a mission imposible.

So, like it? Do you already have it? Which one do you like most?

Have a nice weekend ladies!


7 Comment(s):

  1. i love mood polishes!
    i have the same dream as you, i'd love the polishes to be sold in my country too :{

  2. Ivana, for sure you are going to get mood polishes, so don't worry. :)
    Your package is leaving soon.

  3. @maRyya: Yes, it would be more than great. :)

    @Carolina: You're so kind! Really! Can't wait, I'm sooo excited, already. x)) Thank you sweety! Xoxo

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    Thank You! :)

  5. držim pesti za izpiiiit! :))

    lak je pa suuuper lep...tudi če ne spremeni barve!

  6. Tudi jaz držim pesti! Me veseli, da ti je lakec všeč. =)

  7. @girliegiveaway: I'll check! :)

    @.sparkle*: Hvala, upam da je ratal! To čakanje je res kr neki, pol pa si še prfoksi cajt vzamejo in traja... x)

    @nihrida: Ja, zelo! :) Hvala tudi tebi! :*


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