Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hang-Ten Toes

I told you I'm wearing bright colors almost all the time right now and this is one I wore for almost a whole week. I won it in giveaway at Canadian Nail Fanatic and I simply love it. I got so many compliments while wearing this beauty - always make me feel even better. :i

Hang-Ten Toes is part of China Glaze's Summer Neons collection. It's a blue based pink with shimmer. I wasn't really sure about shimmer but once it was applied, I was loving it. I'm wearing this color on my toes too, really compliments my tanned skin. :D

Formula is great, 2 easy coats and a layer of top coat. :L Pictures aren't fully glossy, because they're taken in front of bathroom window, which isn't clear. :)

Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I'm in love with neon pink trend and I already had a top but I wanted neon jeans too. I wasn't really wearing colored jeans before but these were love at first sight. :i It's funny how my addiction to pink nail polish spreads to clothes and random stuff. I used to think pink just when it came to nail polish but now... ^_^ Oh well, I need pink things to match my pink nails more often, right? :D These jeans reminds me of my all time favorite polish Fancy Fuchsia. <3
 Tally Weijl Neon Pink Skinny Jeans
Do you like this super bright neon trend? Or are neons out of your comfort zone? :)

Thanks for reading! :h

Ivana :k

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  1. isn't hang ten toes the most amazing pink ever?! gosh i love it so much, i'd totally wear it all summer if it weren't for the fact that i have so many other colors calling me (: btw, your neon pink jeans totally rock!

  2. Wow, those are sharp. I have used this color in so many nail art things this summer. Love it.

  3. I LOVE neons!! So much! And those jeans are awesome! Wish I could wear skinny jeans!

  4. Love the color on you and omg! Those jeans are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I want :D

  5. Krasna barva! Hlače ti pa fuuul pašejo. <3

  6. lep lakec <3 hlače pa so noro dobre :))

  7. Jaz sem tudi obsedena z neon barvam zadnje čase... hudi nohtki, hude hlače, hude noge :D

  8. naravno tko bi drugi nosio neon roze hlace :D super ti stoje

  9. Ivana, I love neon nail polish, especially pink and orange!
    And I also loved his flashy pants :)
    Nice blog!
    xoxo :k

  10. I love this China Glaze but I think I love EVEN MORE your jean <33333

  11. I love the pants! I would wear those in a flash--well, if I were as thin as you I would. ;)

  12. That looks really good on you. And I love neonsss.

  13. Your jeans are awesome, it looks like they really match the polish. I bought some neon orange short shorts this year and it is so much fun to see people stare! They stand out so much, people can't help but notice. I get tons of comments too.

    It is fun to see how colors can affect other people when you wear them.

  14. I was (and I am still) a black/blue/violet/purple addicted. I couldn't think of anything different than those colours. Then, I discovered neon polishes, and I happened to try them out. I'm a neon fan now! Not yet for clothes, though XD


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