Thursday, December 16, 2010

Essence LE Fairytale - Welcome To Wonderland

I removed Pixie Dust and because I recevie Welcome to wonderland I decided to try it out. Welcome to wonderland is a cold nude with a touch of lilac, silver shimmer and foil finish. Application was easy just like with Pixie Dust, I added 3 coats on pointer and middle finger and 2 on others. I think it looks better with 3. It dries fast, so it's perfect when you don't have a lot time for manicure.

Here are my short nails. malu

My pointer is now really weird, why did you break? nangih

I already removed it because I recevied Alessandro Go Magic! Twist magnetic polish and I made a skittles mani with all my magnetics... I'll show you pictures tommorow!


4 Comment(s):

  1. jooj kok je lep lak! pa tud tvoji kratki nohti so mi všeč, meni se je ravno mezinček danes v živo zlomil-.-

  2. Oh, this looks so pretty! But magnetic skittles--that I really want to see. :)

  3. @Anna.: Hvala! Ni hujšega, ko se ti noht zlomi. Grrr. :/

    @KarenD: Thank you! :) I just had to make a magnetic skittles, I was so excited when I got Alessandro with an amazing magnet! xD


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