Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catrice LE Expect the Unexpected - Purposely Purple

Here is one quick post for today. I still have to write down my last 5 of 10 top polishes but I'm watching Desperate Housewives and I can't wait to see new part so it'll have to wait. I think I'm at the end of 2nd season, 5 more to go. Yay! Do you watch Desperate Housewives?

I got this beauty in my swap with Martje and I'm so happy I got it. Thank you! Purposely Purple is from Catrice Expect the Unexcepted limited edition. A nice dark bluish creme purple. I love it! But this blurple's not fotogenic at all. It always came out blue on my pictures. This is the best I could take! I think I add 2 coats and 1 coat Good To Go.

Outside, daylight
Under light

Later I add one tiny detail, because I was going to BF. I used BM02 and Essence Stamp me! White nail polish for stamping.

With flash
What do you think? I think this purple could be quite similar to purple one from Manhhatan and its Spice Up Your Nails limited edition. I was watching it in my store for quite a long time but when I decided to buy it, they removed quite a full shelve, but now I got this beauty and we're all happy!

Happy Sunday!


11 Comment(s):

  1. Love it!!
    Nice purple!
    Did you see the package yet?

  2. @Carolina: Thank you honey! No, not yet, I'm still at BF, I'm going home on Monday and I can't wait! I'll let you know when I'll open it! :*

  3. oh, that is such a beautiful shade of purple! loove it! and that stamp design is the cutestttt!!!! :)

  4. ohhh!! love the color! and the design as well :)

  5. Prekrasan mi je ovaj lak, ja sam se namučila da ga nađem ali sam ga ipak našla.. prekrasan..

    I gledam DH.. ja sam na 7-oj sezoni.. ubiti sam sve što se dalo pogledat pogledala.. sad čekam novu epizodu..

  6. oeh indeed lovely purple!! :)

  7. Excellent color on you and fabulous mani overall. WooHOO! :)

  8. @All: Thank you girls! It's really, really pretty! <3

    @Lalica: Stvarno su super, ja sad gledam 3., pogledala bi sve ali nemam vremena. :)

  9. Super je, in pa res so tvoji nohti čudoviti =).


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