Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zoya - Roxy

Description from Zoya's official site says everything:

"Zoya Nail Polish in Roxy can be best described as: A sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter. A must-have shade for any rock star or glamour girl."

It looks like a raspberry jam! So yummmmi! I saw many swatches of this beauty but in RL is even prettier! A must-have!

I add 2 coats, application was great, I really like the brush. You have to add TC if you want the surface to be smooth. First picture was without TC and others with.

Under light
I it! What do you think? Thank you Carolina for sending me this beauty.peluk

It was snowing yesterday and we have really a lot of snow now. It looks beautiful but it's also so coooold!sedih One extra picture, Roxy with snow.ihikhik

How was your day today? I woke up late and now I'm going to watch TV all night long. Lazy, lazy days... It feels so good when you don't have to do anything!malu


16 Comment(s):

  1. Oooh she's gorgeous, I've been debating so I'm happy you like it!

  2. stvarno je krasna...malinasta :-)

  3. Wow, this is beautiful :D

  4. ooh! totalllllly gorgeous!! :)

  5. moram priznat da mi puno ljepse izgleda u bocici nego na noktima, nekako je preproziran

  6. @Helena (XOXO Parisky): Ane? <3

    @Freshie: I LOVE it, best Zoya ever. <3

    @nail crazy: Da da, za pojesti. :D

    @Jo: Thank you and I totally agree with you. :)

    @Katrina: I know. :P

    @Lendoxia: Da, zato što je baza jelly. :) Meni se baš zbog toga sviđa, ionako su mi jelly lakovi preslatki. :)

  7. Beautiful!
    Your nails are looking fine.

  8. @Carolina: Thank you, sweety. :) I can't wait they grow up just a little more to use this beauty again! <3

  9. i love Roxy. so pretty!

    my day was great but i had too much caffeine so now i can't sleep.

  10. I love this color...and I love Zoya!!

  11. Ti stvarno imas predivnih lakova za nokte! Ni ovaj nije izuzetak ♥

  12. Snowwww!!! I like the photo but this polish looks simply gorgeous on you! And the application.. *drooling*

  13. Uuu, njami, tole je pa res čista malinova marmelada =). Zelo je lepa, in tvoji nohti tudi =).

    Upam da te ni preveč nazeblo v snegu =).

  14. @Enamel Girl: Thanks! :) Oh no, I hope you fell asleep soon. :) I also can't sleep these day at night, insomnia makes me crazy. xD

    @Renate: Thank you! I wish I had more Zoya in my collection, but they're just too expensive. :/

    @Noir: Hvala. :) Pa mogu se samo zahvaliti curama, koje su zainteresovane swapati za takve prekrasne lakove inaće ja nebi ove ljepotice nikad imala, jer mi je 13€ za jedan lak stvarno previše. :/

    @Thifa: Thank you, sweety! :) Snow is slowing disappearing here, yay for that, because I hate snow and cold. xD

    @colorfulbottle: Hvala! :) SSneg sem pa ujela na terasi in takoj, ko sem prste zarila v sneg mi je bilo žal - res mrzlo. xD

    @Sylvia: I agree, very lovely and it looks delicious. xD


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