Tuesday, December 21, 2010

China Glaze Crackles & Tronica

I usally don't write about previews of China Glaze's, OPI's, Orly's, etc. coming collection, but I just had to share this with you, although I'm sure you already saw them. I'm so exciting about this two collection. gigitjari

I want all pinks and purples! gigitjariWhat about you? I'm reading that Tronica is a limited collection and it'll be hard to get... Bad news... Well, hope I'll get some of them! But why are colors so similar to OMG collection? fikir They shoud bring back colors like were in Kaleidoscope collection!

Edit - 21/12:
Names of Tronica collection:
Techno Teal – Turquoise Holographic
Virtual Violet – Violet Holographic
Electra Magnenta – Magenta Holographic
Gamer Glam – Purple Holographic
High Def - Blue Holographic
Hologram - Silver Holographic
Hyper Haute – Rasberry Holographic
3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic
Digital Dawn – Dusty Rose Holographic
Cyberspace – Taupe Holographic
Mega Bite – Gold Holographic
Laser Lime – Lime Green Holographic

So, I would love to have Virtual Violet, Electra Magnenta, Gamer Glam, 3D Fantasy... merajuk


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  1. im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the Tronica collection!!!!!!!!!! the Crackle collection, i do not like. maybe its cause im just not into the cracking polish look.. :P

  2. WANT!! BOTH OF THEM - WANT! LOL They're similar, but I'm not really bothered by that because I only have 1 from the OMG collection.

  3. Tronica looks exactly like OMG! :D This could be my chance of getting LOL, IDK & 2NITE (or whatever they will be called in Tronica).

  4. I want the crack polish!!!
    the new holo polish looks like OMG!!
    but my OMG collection is almost on!!
    I love it!!yeahhh!!

  5. @Katrina: Woooohooo! xD I love it too, but if it's same like OMG I won't need more. xD And agree, with crackle effect you can have love/hate relationship. I'm so excited about Crackles because of the colors, I don't want black crackle. :D

    @Megan Harmeyer: I hope they're not so similar. :/

    @Blu11: I agree. Well, for those who've missed OMG collection is great, but I want something new - I already got QT and IDK and I don't want more. :( I would really love to hove more from Kaleidoscope collection. xD

    @Renate: We'll see how Tronica and OMG be similar. :) I really hope they'll release something new. :)

  6. Thanks for this post! I can't wait to fill in the blanks of my OMG collection... :)

  7. @AllThingsNails!: You're welcome. :) Me too, but I liked OMG more, I'm disapointed with Tronica - I expect something new and even more gorgeous. :)


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