Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm so lazy these days, I'm sleeping all the time. My nails were naked for a few days and one of my hand is still naked. I don't know why but when I paint my left hand I don't have any will to paint my right hand. ihikhik

I picked Snowman, which I got from Carolina - a pink with holographic glitter, very beautiful and sparkly. I add 2 coats, application is great, it dries very fast, so I didn't have to add TC. Brush is great, not too wide but perfect for my nails. senyum

Here is a cute snowman bottle, where I captured holo effect.

Under light

I really like it and holo glitter makes it even more special and perfect. What do you think about this beauty?


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  1. They color is as cute als the bottle!

  2. cute little snowman and cute color :)

  3. divan je, al bocica je presavrsena

  4. Ohh what a gorgeous color!!!
    I really love it!!!
    the bottle is sooo cute!!

  5. Jooj jaz sem tudi tako lena, nič se mi ne da;)

    Tale snežak je pa tko kjut.. in super obliko nohtov imaš! Barva pa brezbesed;)<3

  6. iiii ful je lep <3

    flaška je cute :)

  7. Čisto preveč kjut :)
    Ful mi je všeč dolžina in oblika tvojih nohtov :)

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  8. Joj napačen link:

  9. @Melanie: Thank you. I totally agree with you - perfect combo. :)

    @Enamel Girl: Thank you! I really love this bottle, so special and cute. <3

    @Lendoxia: Tako je, baš je predivna i nešto novo pored običnih boćica. :)

    @Renate: Thank you! :)

    @Anna.: Potem sva pa že 2, jaz sem itak vedno lena ampak zdaj sem pa še bolj. xD Hvala za komplimente, moram pa priznati, da me nohti na momente spravljajo v obup. :D

    @Tinna: Hvala. :) Res je nekaj posebnega. :)

    @Helena (XOXO Parisky): Hvala, hvala, za tag pa sploh. :*

    @With love, Ana.: Prav nekaj posebnega je tale snežak. :)

  10. @Carolina: Thank you again! Bottle is so cute! <3

    @colorfulbottle; Hvala in se strinjam. :)


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