Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swap with Martje from **Girly - Addictions**

Hola, what're you doing? Here is snowing as hell and I can't go anywhere because I just hate going out when it's cold and freezing. I feel just fine at home with cup of cocoa.senyumkenyit

I just managed to took pictures of my swap package which I got today. A time ago I contacted Martje from **Girly - Addictions** for swapping Essence polishes... You're wondering why Essence if I can get it in my local store. Because this TE Denim Wanted was here available just in Müller and I couldn't get any of polishes I want! Because swapping is fun, so why not? I'm happy, I also hope she'll be happy when she'll receive her package and what we want more?senyum

She also offered me to pick up more polishes for me, but I decided for just one and I'm happy I did! Let's start with pictures, shall we? Oh BTW, these pictures are taken under my desk light on a piece of white paper. I played with setting on my phone camera a bit, then I correct brithness/concrast in PS and here they are... An alternative if you're not having a lightbox.

I was most impressed with this beautiful and specific bottle, also with its content.

Nfu.Oh - #63

This is my first Nfu.Oh! It's pink and holographic... Love at first sight! I have a few holos in my stash but I've never seen a rainbow like that in the bottle. I'm saving this beauty for a sunny day! I had 63&64 on my WL, but while I was seeing swatches they look quite simmilar to me, so I don't need both. I read also that's its application is better if you're using a Nfu-Oh - Aqua Base and I'll definetely pick it up in the future. Everything for this beauty!

I steal idea of color drops from Nihrida and I made one too. ihikhik
It turns out blue, pink and purple. I couldn't capture rainbow in it, but I like this dropp too. Can't wait to see it on a sunny day! I'll took like 474827 pictures. ihikhik

Next are polishes from TE Denim Wanted.

My Boyfriend's Jeans
Forever Mine
High Waist Pink

With help from Netherlands I finally got them! Please Essence, don't do this again, if you're making TE please make it available for everyone, especially for us, nail polish addicts. angel I got two blues and one pink, all are cremes.

One polish from Catrice LE Expect the Unexpected...

Purposely Purple

A nice creme purple... Yaay! I want that TE from Catrice would be available here too! doa

She was so kind and she included so much extra goodies, let's take a look.

Max Nails Polish in 6 Flashing Neon Colors

Dead Sea Mask
Self Heating Mask
Hair Ring

Samples of cosmetics

Candies of course, yuuuummmmmi. I love candies and this is great opportunity not just to try polishes but to sweet your moments with candies too. senyum
I definetely celebrated when I opened a goodie-box, Martje! It's awesome.menari

Thank you so much for sending me all this, I can't wait to try them all. You really made my day!

How do you like it? Sorry for so many pictures I just couldn't take just one and I wanted to test my new technique of taking pictures under my desk lamp. ihikhik

Take care,

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  1. Nfu.Oh bocica je predivna! A tek boja... :D

  2. Omg super nice swap, you are so lucky!, and she's a sweet heart!, love that Nfu.oh :).

  3. ah sweety I`m so glad you like! You just enjoy it all, and we`ll prepare for photos haha

  4. ooo, koliko lepotcev si dobila =). Komaj čakam slike =)

    Sedaj si mi naredila še večje "lušte" po swapanju =)

  5. @Noir: U pravu si, baš je prelepa bočica. I jedva ćekam, da sunce izviri i da vidim tu ljepoti na noktima. :)

    @Arie: Agree, she's really sweet! :)

    @Martje: Thank you again! :* I really can't decide what to try first. I want to try Nfu.Oh really sun but I'm waiting for sun. :D

    @colorfulbottle: Aneee. :) Res so krasni, vsi so tako lepi, tako da komaj čakam, da jih začnem lakirati na nohtke. :) Ja, čimprej boš morala organizirati swap, ker swap je fun! :)

  6. Wauuu koliko lepih stvari, ti zavidam! Čimprej poswatchaj vse ;) <3


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