Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to capture neons on picture?

When I tried CH Nail #14 I wanted more neons like that so this time I got CH Nail #04. It looks like it's super pink but it's not, so don't let the pictures on their page fool you. It definitely has red undertones, so it's more like a pinkish red. Unfortunately my pictures aren't color accurate, it looks way to orange as in person, so I have only one picture for you.

It has great formula. almost one coater if you're careful. Remember, it's bright but red. :i It looks more pink in the bottle as on nails, maybe I should try it over white too.

Es?sence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
CH Nail - #04 / 2 coats
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How do you take color acurrate photos of neons? Any tips and tricks?

Ivana :k

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  1. i love the neons !!!!!
    this one is cool :)

  2. I actually think it depends a great deal on the camera... I use a pretty basic Canon compact one, which allows me to set custom light balance. I did that a while back to match the lamp I'm using (I switch if I'm taking pictures in natural light) and it seems to work very well with neons. :)

    At least I think so... I've made two posts with China Glaze neons in the last week and no tinkering was required with either set of photos.

    Before I figured out how to play with my camera settings, I used to either

    a) take photos of neons in water
    b) tweak the colours with photo editing software.

    Both options worked ok... but not as good as figuring out the camera settings for the lamp I'm using. :)

  3. I photograph them in low light, like next to the window in the late afternoon! Then they REALLY glow!

  4. Beautiful colour! It's difficult to photograph neons, I think they look more accurate indoors

  5. I've got a neon pink polish by Pupa (Disco Neon collection) and, once applied, it becomes RED! It appears "pink" only while in the bottle. I was so upset once it has dried that I didn't even want to take pictures!!

    1. I promise I will try with my other two neon pink polishes (from Urban Decay Summer Nail Set and from Orly Feel The Vibe Collcetion). I'll let you know!!

  6. nemam nikakvih tips&tricks i meni aparat posizi kad vidi neonce, ali mislim da je tako sa svima, jednostavno je aparat tako napravljen. al srecom s puno iskustva u gledanju swatcheva mogu skuzit otprilike kako lakovi izgledaju uzivo :)

  7. I bought a couple CH neon polishes, too but still have to try them. Actually taking pics of neon polishes is always difficult, I agree on the fact that it depends on the camera you're using, but I found that indoors picture are more color-accurate to me. Sunlight tends to wash out these colors too much.


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