Thursday, June 21, 2012

Original Signature

I'm too lazy to change my manicure often so I try different layering or stamping. The weather is just perfect to dig out some holos. :L

Both, Original & Signature are unfortunately discontinued and HTF, so I don't use them much. Both are a bit sheer so they're perfect for layering. <3 I layered them over my last two colored manicure I showed you here. :D.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer
OPI - Signature / 1 coat
OPI - Original / 1 coat

I love how Original looks over blue. :L  I need to find a perfect combination to recreate OPI's Glamour, which I still want. ^_^

What's your all time favorite holographic nail polish? :rainbow Thanks for reading!

12 Comment(s):

  1. Beautiful!!! So full of holo goodness!

  2. love the sparkles :)

    Alexandra Marie

  3. Beatifull! Love the holo on top of your 'old mani'.

  4. beautiful nails :)

  5. jeeeej, holiće na sunce *.*

  6. OMG jelaous.. and I want them too bad they are so hard to find

  7. simply amazing! you're so lucky to have these in your collection (:

  8. Stunning, how could they discontinue these? :(

  9. slin slin slin ljeto i holo lakovi, pun pogodak :D

  10. This is so cool! They fits perfectly with the shades you used as a base.
    Holo polishes are gorgeous, I love them.
    My favourite are brazilian holos, especially Speciallitá Hits no Olimpo. Even Ludurana ones look stunning! But unfortunately I can only love them watching swatches arond the blogosphere, cause it's impossible to buy them here in Italy.

  11. Great layering!! I can't pick a favourite holo...Maybe a Hits from Speciallità, but I still have to try Nubar Reclaim and I'm expecting a lot from it...Holo is a great finish so I love almost all polishes with this effect: scattered, linear, strong, subtle...:L


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