Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neon Pink Houndstooth Nails

Let's continue with the goodies I got from Born Pretty Store. I already told you I'm into neons lately and I really need more of them in my life. So when they offered me to try some things from their store, I immediately knew what I want to try out this time. :D

CH Nail #14 is a part of their neon collection. I picked this one, because I wanted something bright and pink. ^_^ I didn't know what to expect but when I tried it, I fell in love with. It's highlighter neon pink. <3 I really like its brush, because it's more on a flatter side, which makes application even easier. Formula is great, you can easily get away with 2 coats. I didn't use a top coat on the picture below, so you can see it has some kind of this plastic finish.

Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
CH Nail - #14 / 2 coats

I'm really happy with this polish and I'll be definitely wearing this one through the whole summer. I have no idea if these are B3F, because the ingredients aren't listed on the bottle, but this one doesn't stink like polishes with Formaldehyde, DBP & Toluene. It's $4.99 per bottle and the bottle contains 15 ml (with a cuopon code you get a nice deal :i ).

And because I also got this Double Sided Stamper I had to try it out too. I tried this pink houndstooth dress in H&M months ago, which I really loved, but it looked horrible on me so I didn't get it. :D But I really loved that black & pink combination, so I decided to recreate it with this neon pink. :D

Essence Nail Art - Protecting Base Coat
CH Nail - #14 / 2 coats
Stamping: Wet n Wild - Black Créme & Konad m63
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

And I'm still wearing this manicure, because I love it so much! :L What do you think?

So I tried this double sided stamper for the first time and so far I'm loving it! It's much easier to hold it in hands and transfer the pattern from the plate to my nails. I also got the regular stamper from BPS and they're same size, the only difference is that the double stamper is smoother but it still picks the pattern perfectly as the normal one. Double stamper has a green smaller stamper for smaller patterns but I don't know if I'm ever going to use that one, because I'm really not a fan of smaller patterns. :D It comes with a metal scraper and I prefer credit cards more than metal scrapers, because they easily scratch my plates.

Don't forget to use code J10X31 to get 10% off on your order. ;)

Let me know if you already tried any of these! Do you like Houndstooth nails?

Ivana :k

*Some of the products in this post were sent to me by Born Pretty Store! For more information read my disclosure policy!

12 Comment(s):

  1. ohhh lovely pink, love the stamp!

  2. What a lovely pink Ivana! Great choice! I also love how the Houndstooth stamp looks over it, very bright and fun! :L

  3. the neon is amazing! Love the houndstooth stamping as well :)

  4. Oh so pretty and girly! :k

  5. I like this mani! :)

  6. Love it!! Neons look so good on you!

  7. I'm approaching to neon pinks and I'm loving them so much....
    Even this pattern fits it too!

  8. I so love the stamping you did! I agree on the double sided stamper, it's really handy...
    The polish is pretty, too, I might take a look at BPS polishes, now that I know that they don't stink :-)


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