Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2nd Blogoversary Giveaway *CLOSED*

First I'd like to tell that my keyboard is broken atm, so my next posts will probably be short as possible, because this screen keypad I'm using now is time-consuming. :/

Second, I'd like to thank you for following me here, leaving comments and showing all the support. It means so much to me and I can't believe I'm running this blog for almost 2 years. :e I didn't make a giveaway for a long time, because I want you to be here because you like what I'm showing and not because of the prize. :) And from what I experienced before and saw arround, I think I made the best decision.

Since my BPS coupon was used more than 10 times, they decided to sponsor a giveaway I decided to keep it simple. There's just 2 simple obligatory rules - follow me and BPS Official Blog via GFC and no extra entries.
 Edit: You have to follow both to enter not just me. I'm sorry but that's BPS's rule.
The winner will get $18 Gift Card to spend at Born Pretty Store.

All details you need to know are written down in Rafflecopter Google form. Open internationally. Ends on 20 22th June, when my 2nd blogoversary actually is. :party Please fill the Google form to enter. If you have any problems or questions, leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.

Edit: Due to this malware problem I had last two days, I'm extending this giveaway for 2 days. Also I changed Rafflecopter form to Google Form, but all who already entered, I have your entries so you don't need to enter again.

Giveaway is now closed.

Good luck! :)
Ivana :k

 * Giveaway is sponsored by Born Pretty Store!

13 Comment(s):

  1. Happy blogiversary :)
    I had some connection problems, so if I appear twice, please delete one of the entries. :)

  2. Very nice!
    Visit my blog, we can follow each others

  3. Happy Blog-o-versary Ivana!!!
    Thanks for all the work you're doing here..It's really helpful for me as a "novice" :-)

  4. Veselo blogobletnico in hvala za giveaway! =)

  5. congrats and thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. Happy 2nd Blogiversary Ivana :* your nails and manis are always stunning. I agree with you on giveaways and I think you must be proud of all followers you have, as they are here for you (and not freebies)!

  7. Great giveaway Ivana :D
    I love your blog regardless... and I think you're a wonderfully sweet person :D

  8. Kako grejo leta a ne?! Pridno nadaljuj v tej smeri, ker si super ;)

  9. sretna ti godišnjica <3
    hvala na darivanju... e da, valjda ti je ostalo koje slovo na tipkovnici pa tipkaj to što imaš ;-D

  10. Sretan ti blogorođendan i hvala na darivanju,super nagradica ;)))

  11. Happy and colourful blogiversary doll! Thanks for the giveaway, BPS always has cool nail goodies :D


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