Monday, January 9, 2012

My Fave Manicures in 2011

I'll break guest posts with one of my post today, because I really wanted to share my favorite manis of last year with you. :D I also need to take pictures of top 2011 polishes but I still didn't get a daylight bulb. I will probably buy it soon. :) It wasn't so hard to choose like it was with polishes, so here we go. If you want to see whole posts of manicures, just check the links below for more information about what I used and similar. :) I wanted to pick only 10 but then I decided to make them 3x4, so I could make this sets. :P 

I wish I had longer nails back then, because I really prefer long nails on me. :) But I was quite happy with my first stamping skittle manicure I did for Valentine's Day, lovely Leopard French Manicure, Polka Dot Manicure made with dotting tool and Ruffian. :L I'm in love with Ruffians, I can't wait to do more of them. :e

I love both versions of Funky French with holos I made, can't decide which one I love more. :L Another Ruffian manicure on longer nails as first above and the last stamping manicure on amazing base color with foil on my ring finger and cute rhinestones in the middle of bows. Oh, I was so happy with this manicure and I always want nails like this, I love this length on me! :L

Very Berry is probably my favorite Essence's polish at the moment, it's so unique pink with purple undertones and I definitely need a back up of this beauty, of course my New Year's Eve Milani Gold Manicure, studded bright pink manicure I got so many comments for and last but not last my Ombre try, I wore it when I graduated, that's why I love it even more. :$

These are my picks of my fave 2011 manicures. Which one is your favorite and why? Would you maybe pick another mani? Which one? I'd like to hear what you loved most in last year on my blog, if you can remember what I have posted during the whole year. :$ Let me now if you're missing something or ask anything. :)

Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. ohhh!! These are all soo very nice! love love love <3 it also reminds me that valentines is coming up soon and it's time to get those ready!

  2. They are all gorgeous <3
    love,love, :L

  3. Valentine's Day Manicure, Bows and Foil and Studded Fancy Fuchsia were my favorites from each set :) Your nails are so gorgeous! Wish I had them! ;p

  4. I love them all! for real :)
    My favorites are your ruffian manicures, they are so classy

  5. Oh my gosh, such great manicures! Love them all!

  6. Most of all I like both versions of Funky French with holos :). I can't resist holos :$. Oh, and Studded Fancy Fuchsia is truly awesome! :L

  7. Definitely seems like it's been a good year!

  8. you do love the pinks! =)
    these all look so nice.

  9. Vsi so čudoviti! Ampak najbolj so mi všeč Pink Leopard French Manicure, Funky French #2 in Studded Fancy Fuchsia. Čudovite nohte in ideje imaš!

  10. These are all so pretty!! I love the Valentine one the most ;0). You do such awesome manis Ivana!

  11. Pink, purple, pink, pink, pink :)

    Funny to see :D

    They're all gorgeous!

  12. @Melissa White: Yeees, Valentine's Day will be soon here. <3 Thanks! :)

    @lepidopteria: Thank you my love. :k

    @fyeahilovenails: You can take everything except my nails. :$ Thanks doll! :h

    @PtiteMeve: Thanks! I love them too, they're so easy to make but so pretty. :L I need to make more of them. :)

    @Polish and Charms: Thank you. :)

    @zebra-nails: Me neither, I want so many holos in my stash. They're so perfect for sunny days. :L

    @Nakaya_: Yes it was, hope another great one is in front of me. :e

    @Esra: Yap, quilty. :$ Thank you! :h

    @Anela: Hvala ti. :) Še dobro da obstaja tako veliko različnih blogov, kjer lahko pobiramo ideje. :i

    @MariJo: Thank you dear. :k

    @KimsKie's Nails: Yes, yes, yes, can't stop wearing pinks and purples. :$ Thank you! :k

  13. I love the ones in the second set of photos, but they're all awesome!

  14. I've missed your nails Ivanaaaa! Geez all of these are so great it's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the studded one and bows and foil one the most! :D

  15. Look at all that pink! I have to say the first ruffian is my favorite! I have yet to attempt one, as I am just not that perfect when it comes to painting my nails!

  16. There's no such thing as too much pink. Or purple. ^^ Especially the studded mani looks stunning! <3

  17. You've definitely had some pretty amazing manis over the year. I love them all. Pink looks so good on you! No wonder you think pink! Lol...

    I love the zebra prints one so much!

  18. All beautiful!
    Girl, I love your nails!

  19. oh my goodness! you make me want to go get lots of pink polishes! :) i love all of them! and i love love your nails!

  20. These are beautiful! I can't even choose a favorite

  21. I think my favorites are the two funky french ones you did with holographic polish. They look amazing!!! :D

  22. @ChromaCraze: Thank you. :)

    @The Sneakerette: Yaaaaaaay, glad to hear that. :$ It's always great to be missed. :) Thanks! I hope I can make something similar like that manicure with bows again. :D

    @Angie: Pink everywhere! :P I'm sure you'll make it just perfectly, it's not so hard at all! :)

    @AmyGrace: Agree! :D Thanks dear. :k

    @Lizzy O.: Thanks hun! Yap, pink is my second name, when it comes to nail polish, I also feel so great with a pink on my nails, I don't know why. :i I wanted to add Zebra manicure here too, but I didn't like the lenght of my nails. :$ Thanks for letting me know you liked it! :h

    @Shirley's Nail Art: Thanks doll! :h

    @Lydz: You need them too! :i Thank you dear. :h

    @nicnacksnails: Thanks! :$

    @Ashesela: Thanks! I really like how all colors look so great together. <3

    @Helga: Ty! :)

  23. Love them all!!! Funky french is my fave! x

  24. I love all of these so much! My favourites are the two Ruffian manicures, the pink studded one and the ombre mani <3
    Your nails look so good, I wish long nails suited me as good as you, but they don't XD Can't wait to see more of your manicures :)

  25. ovako kad su sve na jednom mjestu, mi se prva nekako najvise svidja :)

  26. vsi so prečudoviti, kaj bi sploh izbirala katero je najlepše :)

  27. From these I love your pink take on the Michael Kors nails from the Nailasaurus best! But your gorgeous pink nails are always pretty to look at <3.

  28. Yay for pink manis! :-D They're all so gorgeous and neat. I think my favorites of these have to be the purple polka, matte ruffian, the studded mani and of course the holo funky French manis! :-*

  29. @Ms Jelena: Thank you! :)

    @Elsa P.: Thank you dear! But your nails are so perfect at that lenght, really! If they would suit me like they suit you, I'd shorten them withouth thinking twice. :$ But unfortunately I prefer having long nails on me. :P

    @Lendoxia: Hvala. :)

    @Stravadorskiy: Hvala ti. :h

    @Deborah: Thanks dear. :k I love the studded manicure so much too, I should make another one soon. :)

    @Jane: Thanks Jane for your lovely comment. It's always great to see you here!

    P.S.: Only 3 to go. :e

  30. sve su mi predobre, teško bih se odlučila za favorita :L

  31. How does one even pick a favourite! It is like asking which of your children do you love the most :D they are all pink and purple and lovely- you just have to love them all :D

  32. So many pretty ones!!!
    I love Ruffian #2 :D

  33. I loved your favorites !! Good taste :)
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    Nails & Pets


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