Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Guest Post #10: Nails Made Simple

I'm so happy so many ladies decided to share a post for my blog. :e My nails are naked again, I just don't have patience to paint my nails when my wrist still doesn't cooperate with me, especially with holding things or writing. xo I hope I'll be back soon! :)

We're having Maria from Nails Made Simple here today. <3 Her nails are just amazing and she's just a cutie pie. :h Let's see what she decided to show us. :e

Hello to all of Ivana's fabulous readers! Its my pleasure to take over Ivana's blog for a day! woohoo ;) As soon as i was asked to be a guest for her blog the color Pink came to my mind BUT lets be real here.. no one can do Pink manis like Ivana so I didn't want to come here and make a fool out of myself ,So ill stick to what i love the most and that is GLITTER! oh yes! im a glitter lover! if it sparkles its mine . For NYE I went with one of my favorite glitters which is OPI-Crown Me Already  from their Miss Universe collections 2011 ,this pretty gem is a clear base packed with silver fine glitter,slightly bigger silver glitter & hexagon shaped glitter which only means its a glitterbomb in your nails. Let's take a look shall we?


If you don't own this polish I suggest you put your shoes on and run to your local nail supply store and snag this polish its perfect for every occasion :) BTW this is only 2 coats & 1 coat of SV.

Ivana thank you so much for thinking of me when selecting your guest bloggers I hope i did you proud & didn't disappoint! :)

I wish you a very fast & painless recovery I miss your beautiful manis <3


I went with Gold glitter and she picked Silver glitter for NYE. :i I totally forgot I have this one too, but now after I saw this beautiful swatches, I should wear it soon. I love wearing glitters, they've a special place in my heart, especially when you don't need lots of coats for full opacity. :L Btw Maria, Carmelo says HI! :P

Thank you so much for this lovely post Maria, please check her blog Nails Made Simple and show some love, she really takes amazing photos of her manicures. :L

Do you have Crown Me Already? Do you like glitters? What's your favorite? 

Thanks for reading! I have few more guest post prepared for you. :e

Ivana :k

7 Comment(s):

  1. This looks absolutely fantastic!! <3

  2. I love glitters too!!! Maria, beautiful as always ;0). Get well soon Ivana!

  3. I love this glitter! I wore it for NYE too!

  4. Aww lil Carmelo!whenever you take a picture of him he is probably thinking " it must be Maria who wants to see me! " LOL i cant wait to see your swatches of this color :)

  5. Guest posts are a wonderful thing I've discovered so many great blogs that way, so +1 :) crown me already is really pretty :)

  6. Great post! I love Crown Me Already!

  7. I love Maria from Nails Made Simple!! --Awesome post (:


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