Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring WL

I can't wait Spring to be here! :) I'm not a big fan of cold winter, so right after December I want Spring. <3 It's snowing a bit at the moment, but I don't want having snow, it's like a month late! :(

Spring and Summer collections are probably my favorite. <3 I decided to show you my WL and share some great swatches of these collections from great bloggers that already posted swatches, so you can made your own WL too. :)
Let's start with OPI and their Holland Spring 2012 collection. There are 12 colors but I want "only" 5.
Pedal Faster Suzi!
Kiss me on my Tulips
Dutch'ya love OPI?
Wooden Shoe like to know?
Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?

Yap, I want all pinks, purple, nude and a brown one too, that gold shimmer inside is just tearing my heart! <3 You can see amazing swatches at Fashion Polish, who also posted this collection first I think, here and here. On the first link you can find all the cremes and second all shimmers in this collections. Her swatches are just amazing, you can see all the details in every polish. :)

Another OPI collection which was recently released is Nicki Minaj. There are 6 polishes - 3 cremes, 2 glitters and a shatter. I want...

Pink Friday

Yap, another pink. :$ Click here to see Rie's gorgeous swatches at Nails and Noms. Do you like bar glitters? They look so wrong to me, I think I'll never like them. :D

Next is China Glaze and Electropop Spring 2012 collection. :e I'm very excited about these, because if you read me for a while, you know I just adore their Up&Away Spring 2010 collection and this one looks stunning too, colors are a bit brighter but there are also few pastels. :) I'm sure they're not very original colors but I can't help myself. All colors from Up&Away collex has amazing formula and as far as I know, there are not worse so I added another 5 items to my WL.

 Gothic Lolita
Sweet Hook
Dance Baby
Wicked Style
Fuchsia Fanatic

Oooops. :$ I really can't choose only one so I decided I need all pinks and purples. :P You can see great swatches at AllYouDesire and her gorgeous nails here. <3 Well, she always makes me want every single nail polish she shows. :P

I was sooooo excited about China Glaze's Prismatic collection. I was 100% sure I'll need this one...

Full Spectrum

But after seeing first swatches here at Maria Sparkle I'm not really sure I need it. Okay, they're pretty, I'm really loving multicolored glitter but I expected holographic glitter, like holo holo. :/ What do you think?

Edit: Check's swatches of Optical Illusion, Full Spectrum, & Liquid Crystanails on her nails! They're pretty but not what I think they'll be. xo

Same about China Glaze's Magnetix collection. Amazing Erika from Chloe's Nails posted swatches here but I'm so over magnetics just like with crackles. Essence made them a while ago, had all of them but gave almost all away. :D It seems like everyone is doing magnetics at the moment and I want something else.......... :D

Orly is having a lovely Cool Romance Spring 2012 collections. My favorites...
Prelude to a Kiss
Artificial Sweetener

I didn't see lots of swatches around for now but these at Sweety Nails convinced me I need these 2. <3 Both are really soft and subtle, that's why I want them badly. :L

Essie's Spring collection is called Navigate Her, you can see Jen's swatches at The PolishAholic here. First I thought I need some but I'm not a big fan of Essie's brush, I see that application isn't that great and I'm also not loving blueish pinks, so I think I can live without them though. :D

Let's say that's it. :D I still didn't see any Color Club's Blossoming swatches around but I hope I won't have to add more to my WL.... And I still can't wait to see what has Essence prepared for us for this Spring! :e

With a huge help of lovely ladies I'm swapping with, I hope that this WL will be fulfilled in a month or two. Well, whenever, I'll wear them even in Summer or Fall or Winter. :$

Huh, a lot of collections going on right now, right? Did you make your WL? What's your must have polish from all of these collections? Let me know, I'd really love to hear your thoughts about them. :)

I'll probably be away for few days or weeks so I decided to make this post tonight, I'm still on tiny break from studying but from tomorrow on... I have to study hard. 8)

Thanks for reading and have a nice beginning of the week dear readers and followers! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. Thank you so much for this sort of round-up post! And especially thanks for linking to swatches.

    I got Gothic Lolita (the bright purple) from the China Glaze collection the other day and it looks sooo pretty!

  2. Thanks for the links! I now get to add more stuff to my spring wishlist. ;)

  3. I love how all these colors are either pink or purple (: You're the lady of purple and pink!! :D
    Thanks for sharing this btw, you brought up some collections that I hadn't even heard about. I'm really disappointed in the Prismatic collection too, I thought China Glaze was going to come out with holographics again!

  4. I want a few from the Holland collection. Maybe just because I live in Holland... No, jk some seem really nice!
    The Nicki Minaj collection isn't too interesting, but I'm getting Pink Friday and Fly. And yes, I hate bar glitter too!
    The Electropop collection is pretty disappointing. I've seen these colors already. But I loved the Up & Away collection too. When Spring comes I'm completing my Up & Away collection :)
    The Prismatic collection seemed so nice! But now I'm not so sure about that either, seeing those swatches :S
    From the Orly collection I think I need a few bottles :P They look nice!
    From Essie I only want A Crewed Interest.

  5. Actually the only ones I'm really interested to are CG...I know that there will be probably close colors but they look so bright and shiny, they will be amazing for Summer, too (I loved also Up&Away, that reminds - more on pastel shades, this collection :-)).
    Not sure about Prismatics, too...Too many glitters :-P

  6. Dandy nails is having a blog sale and she has quite a few polishes from the electropop there! i bought techno and it is a gorgeous polish!

  7. OMG I want the whole Cool Romance collection and its pissing me off that I can't find it anywhere! As for Dance Baby and Sweet Hook? You NEED them! So pretty!


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