Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orly - Fowl Play

I didn't have time to update my blog lately, because I really have to focus on studying. I have 2 exams in next two weeks and I really want to pass them so I have no choice. :) I don't know if I'll do any Valentine's Manicures more, but thanks for all your lovely comments you left, I didn't even have time to reply on them. :)

The other day I was just so irritated with my nails on right hand, especially my middle finger nail which is peeling  all the time and all this weather and cold doesn't help to get it better, so I decided to file them down to total nubs. The final result..... I'm not used to them and I really wish I I had long nail beds. :$ This is the shortest I can get them to still have square nails, can't go any further down. :D

I had hard time to choose what to wear on shorties and after one failed combo I reached for this beauty I got from Iris in December, I'm so happy she found it for me. <3

Orly - Fowl Play is from the Birds of a Feather Fall 2011 collection. It's supposed to be OPI's Merry Midnight dupe. I still didn't compare them but I probably will one day in the future. :D It has dark plum jelly base with red and green duochrome flakies with tiny blue and silver glitter. :) It's more on a thick side so it was a bit hard to apply, especially when you get lots of flakies on brush so you drag the first coat together but maybe that was just me, because I prefer applying thin coats. :D

I've only one crappy picture from yesterday, because I got home so tired after exam and took a nap and the daylight was already gone to take better pics. I'm so sorry for the tip wear visible on photos. :D I took pics next day and I didn't apply a TC. :D

Nail Tek - Foundation 2
Orly - Fowl Play / 2 coats

 Bottle close-up. <3

So much going on in this polish. :L What do you think? Did you get it? :) There's a lot of flakies going on lately, just like with magnetics and crackles last year.... I have few of them so I really don't want more. :D Do you like flakies? What's your favorite?

We finally got snow here and dear snow, you're a whole month late. I love snow only in December so I can't wait Spring to arrive. :i At least someone is enjoying all this snow around us. :D Bebo loves to play in snow especially when it's snowing so he tries to catch all those snowflakes. :)

I have so many pictures of him to share with you, can't wait to have some time to sort the best of him. :D

Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

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  1. Seriously? You're cat's awesome! We tried our cat in the snow and it's the saddest thing ever. She was so confused by it, that she just started backing up. Now everytime she runs out (which she's not supposed to do) and realizes it's snowing, her whole expression turns to terror. Poor little monkey.

    1. Yap. :i He'd be outside all the time and hiding in, making holes in snow and everything... It's really hard to take pics of him, I had to make noise with fingers to get his attention, look towards me and not moving. :D Poor kitty! Our freaks out when he spots vacuum cleaner so I can only imagine her expression. :D

  2. This is such a gorgeous polish!! I missed out on this one, but I still hold out hope that I'll find it. Looks great on you Ivana!

  3. The polish is sooo pretty! Your nails are perfect. Finally, another kitty photo, we want more!!

  4. O, Fowl Play je res super. Sicer me je iz te kolekcije Nite Owl bolj prepričal, ampak je vseeno čudovita barva. :)) Nasploh imam ful rada flejkije, je pa moj all time favourite še vedno Nfu Oh 56. Zelen flejki, daj no. ;) <3 Lepo te je spet brati! In vso srečo pri izpitih! :*

  5. ohhh how beautiful!! cute kitty! :)

  6. awww Bebo is adorable!
    That nail polish looks amazing!

  7. I didn't notice any tipwear and always love seeing pics of this polish. It's one of my favorites.

    Bebo is growing!! I love seeing the pics of him, keep them coming. :)

  8. Awwww. Bebo! :D I have a love-dislike relationship with Fowl Play, I love it in theory and in the bottle, but I've never gotten it to be completely smooth on my nails, and anything bumpy or gritty annoys me when wearing it. :P

  9. I like your shorter nails too! They suit you but I know you prefer longer ones. Fowl Play looks lovely on you! And cute is that little face? :)

  10. We're having snow these days too and my sister's cat was trying to catch the snowflakes through the window. So cute.
    Very pretty mani. I like your shorter nails too.

  11. You're rocking nubbins too, yeah!! :D
    I really like this polish, but I can't decide if I should buy it or not...I'm currently in a creme-finish phase, and I'd love to get some flakies, so this kind of polish is not my priority right now. But I'm sure that sooner or later I'll get it, it's just too pretty :)

  12. I love your nails Ivana, they look great!
    Bebo is adorable!!

  13. Fowl Play je res lep, sem ga tudi sama gledala pa se potem nisem mogla odločit a ga vzamem ali ne :)

    Imaš pa pogumnega muca, naši vsi bežijo pred snegom, jih je pozimi najlažje obdržat v hiši ker če že grejo ven so samo tam pred vrati kjer še ni snega :D

  14. Fowl Play is such an awesome color! And it looks awesome on your nubbins!!

    And your kitters is so cute! Love him!

  15. Love this polish, I ordered it last week but I'm afraid I will wait for weeks before receive it. In the last two weeks I haven't seen the letterman yet. -.-
    I always use the address of my office for my on line purchases, and it's simply impossible that a company doesn't receive correspondence for two weeks.
    So, for the moment, I can only look at your pics and cross my fingers. :D

  16. obozavam flejkije i totalno mi je super da su postali trend :)

  17. I absolutely love your cute nubbins <3 also the polish on them is pretty!

  18. I own this polish too, obviously it's in the untrieds box! Gook choice for shorter nails ;-) Good luck for your exams, it's hard to focus on studying, but then you will have so much free time for blogging and nails :*
    Bebo is so cute and he's growing fast!

  19. ovaj mi je ljepotan već na wish listi ;-D

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  21. I am HUGE on flakies! I can't get enough of them. Orly Fowl Play is one of my favorites... Right along with Unicorn Puke :)

    This looks great on you!


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