Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swap with Sarah from Rainbow Obsession

I didn't plan posting this for today but because it's 29th February I just had to post something on a leap year. I hope we'll still be here on next 29th February, we'll see. :P

 Nail Mail all the way from Brazil! <3 I asked Sarah from Rainbow Obsession (her blog used to be called Them Pretty Colors :) ) if she could get me any of those awesome holographic beauties that I'm seeing around all the time. :L

Sarah was so sweet and kindly sent my package before I even send her out so I can already have all these goodies in my hands. :) When I got this package, I slowly opened it and screamed when I see them in real. I know they were gorgeous but SO gorgeous? :o Yes, they're stunning on pictures, but they're even prettier in real life. :D Here's what she picked for me. <3

 Hits No Olimpo

I wanted Ludurana Show for stamping, because the pattern made with this polish looks so amazing! She also got another Apolo and Hera for Kvacka, I already sent them to her, so head to her blog to see if she'll show them. :)

She also included this super cute extras. <3

Hits Powerpuf Girls
I just love how cute this bottles are!

Sarah thank you so much for sending me all these goodies! I hope you'll like the goodies I'll pick for you I hope soon! I should really think about how could I mail myself too, so I can enjoy Brazil. :D

I can't wait to try them out. :e I'll probably put them aside for Summer, because I just love wearing holos in Summer, when the sun is shining all the time. &lt;3 Do you already have Hits No Olipo holos or you still have them on your WL? What's your favorite? :)

Thanks for reading lovely readers and followers. :)

Ivana :k

22 Comment(s):

  1. Oh Wow Ivana! These are gorgeous!!! She picked the perfect colours!!! I had a package coming from Brazil but it got stopped at customs or lost or sad :(

    1. Oh no! I still hope you'll get it, that'd be so sad. :( There's never worst than package lost somewhere or broken bottles. :/

  2. Amazing goodies!! Can't wait to see your swatches ;0).

  3. Oh god Powerpuff polish. I desperately need one of those in my life.

  4. Wow Ivana dear they are gorgeous <3 <3 <3

  5. You got some awesome nail mail! Hehe, it'll be interesting to see everyone's blog next leap year. Imagine all the polishes we'll accumulate in between! Yikes! :O

  6. Glad for you!!
    Awesome swap!!

  7. :O kakšni čudoviti laki...takoj bi jih imela v svoji zbirki če bi lahko <3 komaj čakam da jih vidim da tvojih nohtkih ;)

  8. Hey Sweetie !!

    I am glad you loved them ;) The Hits holos are truly beautiful, and Athena is so you!


    1. Thank you dear! :k Yap, that's my favorite! <3 <3 I can't wait to try them out! :e

  9. Oh how lovely!!! :D

  10. Beautiful! Those No Olimpo polishes are just beyond gorgeous aren't they!

  11. What an awesome package! And your so cute.....mail yourself to Brazil? That might be awfully uncomfortable! Anyways, enjoy your polish! Can't wait to see those holos!

  12. Uau, kakšne nore nore NP! =)) Že moja dva lakca sta za past dol, tvoji pa sploh! ;D HVALA 100x, 1000x, 1000000x, da si mislila tudi name! *huuugs*
    In ne skrbi, kmalu bom tudi jaz objavila svoji NP! ;) HVALAAAAAaaaaa!!!*

    1. Hvala tebi! :k Me veseli, da sta ti všeč. <3

  13. Ajme,ne znam koji mi je ljepši :L
    I ja bi sve :b

  14. Sarah is really a sweetie, I have almost all Hits no Olimpo in my stash also thanks to her...
    Can't wait to see you wearing these pretties!

    1. She is! <3 Thanks to Sarah we can enjoy our lovely holographic babies! :L

  15. what pretty nail polishes!


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