Monday, October 31, 2011

OPI - My Address is "Hollywood"

There's something about this polish that make me love it so much. <3 I wore this color for whole last week and I got lots of compliment.

"My Address is Hollywood" is a part of OPI's Touring America Fall 2011 collection. Dusty rose color with amazing gold but subtle shimmer which is more visible in person than on pictures. I really like this subtle shimmer, which makes this polish perfect. It looks like you're wearing a creme but when you look closer, you can see tiny sparkles. <3 I just read how Scrangie described it back then. xD See, different tastes. :)

There's still some VNL on picture, which wasn't visible in person, so I added just 2 coats. Application is smooth and brush is amazing - I just love OPI's brush! 

The worst part of this beauty is taking pictures, it's not fotogenic at all. :/



Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
OPI - My Address is "Hollywood" / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer 

I will definitely wore it once again soon. What do you think? I would say it looks too orange on sun pictures, imagine it's more dusty in person. :) Do you have your favorite from Touring America collection? That's the only one I wanted, other colors are way to dark for my taste.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already saw it but here it is once again. Kitty I showed you here is staying temporary with us for almost a whole month now and I think my phone memory card is already full of his pictures and videos, yap obsessed. xD

Ha! Gotcha! He loves polish too. xD
Priceless moment caught with my phone. <3

Wish you all a nice beggining of the week. I'm staying at home till Wednesday because of the Holidays here in Slovenia and it feels great. Like a longer weekend, yay. :b

Ivana :k

24 Comment(s):

  1. Zadnja fotka ČISTO raztura!! =))
    Lakec je pa tudi luškan. ;)

  2. Still haven't figured out if I need this one yet. I do love it though!

    And that kitten is the cutest! And look at all those pinks and purples!!

  3. que lindooooooooooo,,, que gatito tiernoooo

  4. Lololol, this picture is precious, look at his face :D :D

  5. Ohhhh my gosh... what an adorable kitty!!! Look at those round eyes ^___^

  6. Ooo, kakšna lepa mucka! <3

  7. Scragie nema pojma šta priča! Ovaj lak je predivan!

  8. Well, I can just imagine how pretty that polish must be :)
    And that kitty is just the cutest thing <3

  9. I love this blog! I love nail polish, I love your name (my name is ivana ahahaha like you) and i love cats *----*
    Are you my twin? :D

  10. Wow so sweet kitty and she/he is polish addict too :P
    I love this color looks pretty good option for these cold days ;)

  11. Awww, vidim da ima muc rad tvoje lakce- no, kdo jih ne bi imel, hehe :P

  12. maca je preslatka, a svidja mi se i lak :)

  13. Ooooh, I want to hug that kitty :D
    The polish is very pretty, too :)

  14. Oh my goodness--that kitten, sooo cute! How will you ever manage to give him back when kitty sitting is over??

  15. ja mislila da si preselila ;)
    maca je preslatka, sad kad je budeš vratila morat ćeš i ti sebi nabavit koju :/

  16. My sister's cat has a ton of pics as well. Gorgeous polish.

  17. Kitty is a star of this post as I expected. :D He's sending hugs to all of you for all your sweet comments. <3

    @Angie: I think you need it. That shimmer is just so perfect. <3

    @Irena B: :D Pa o okusima netreba razpravljati, važno je, da se nama sviđa. :P Ali baš mi je bilo zanimljivo, kad sam pročitala njene reći. xD

    @Stellina: Hi Ivana! <3 Hmmm... Maybe! I must ask my mom. :P Or you ask yours if she's missing a daugther. xD

    @With love, Ana.: Jaaa. :i Škatla je pod posteljo in potem samo slišiš, kako flaške ropotajo. xD Res je posrečen. <3

    @KarenD: I don't know! :c That's the day I don't want to be here anytime soon. :(

    @nail crazy: Uh, ne bi bilo loše. 8) I ja tako kažem, baš sam se navikla na njega. :(

    @marox79: I understand. :D I really can't stop taking pics of him. :D

  18. How precious is that kitty! Thanks for sharing!

  19. @Mistaken29: You're welcome! Glad you like him. <3

    @nihrida: Mali lump je, ja. :P

  20. The kitty is amazing, it's a great picture!!
    I haven't a fav in that OPI collection, I love dark shades but overall I wasn't excited about a color in particular. This is nice anyway (but all polishes look pretty on your gorgeous nails)!

  21. OMG the kitty is tooooo cute! I'm gunna die! :O

  22. @maisenzasmalto: Thanks! He's such a cutie pie. <3 I'm so excited about sping collections, fall and holiday collection don't buy my heart at all (except glitter :$ ).

    @Prettyfulz: Priceless moment caught on camera, for sure. :)


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