Friday, October 21, 2011

Make it Golden, Chuck!

I'm sick so I stayed in bed for whole 2 days now and my weekend probably won't be any better. I have a cold and my nose is killing me. Uh and this cold weather makes everything even worse. :ice

Glitters, glitters... <3 Something that always cheer me up at least a bit. :) Chuck can be gorgeous on his own too but I just had to add something. I didn't stamp for quite some time so I decided to try my new glitter polish.

Essence probably took inspiration for these glitters at Deborah Lippmann's glitters. I'm sure you all already know that Blue Addicted is a quite close dupe for Across the Universe, Make it Golden really reminds me of Boom Boom Pow and Time for Romance of Some enchanted Forest (but this one has clear base and Time for Romance has sheer magenta base). I don't own any of them so I can't make comparisons, but let's say these are very close or at least that they're related. xD

Make it Golden has a clear base with lots of two sized hexagon glitter and gold micro glitter, which looks like a golden dust on nail. <3 It's pretty sheer so it's perfect for layering, I'm sure you can create lots of different combinations with this beauty.

Chuck & Make it Golden
I didn't have any problems with application, I added 2 coats for more glittery effect and a layer of TC to smooth the surface.


 Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Essence - Chuck / 2 coats
Essence - Make it Golden / 2 coats
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer

I really love this blue-gold combination, what do you think about it? Do you already have Make it Golden? :)
I'm a bit late but I did a guest post at Colores de Carol a while ago. :e I was so happy when Carolina asked me. She has an amazing blog so be sure you'll check her out. <3

Click on the picture to see the whole post.

I did a Hello Kitty manicure, because I knew that Carolina loves her. :) I hope you'll like it too!

Thanks for reading and commenting! <3 Have a great weekend!

Ivana :k

24 Comment(s):

  1. nice combination! :)
    and of course, get well soon!

  2. Čudovita kombinacija.
    In upam, da boš čimprej boljše.

  3. I musst admit I'm really impressed by Make it Golden...I didn't know what to think about it but this golden dust effect it makes is just gorgeous! I might have to buy it now ;D

  4. Wow great combo!!
    I really love it!

  5. nice.
    are you intrested in i-swap? if you are write to m -

  6. LOVE IT :)
    great mani :)

  7. Awww Ivana I hope you get well soon! It's still warm over here, although the mornings get really foggy and chilly >__< Love that combo btw! Blue and gold look so nice together (:

  8. Awesome combination! Feel better soon hun!!

  9. que hermoso,,, me quede mudaaaaaaaa

  10. istu ovu kombinaciju sam nosila prije dva tjedna, mislim da se dobro slazu :D a hello kitty manikura je preslatka kao sto bi i trebala bit :)

  11. I really like the combo!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Sooo pretty great layering! Hope you feel better sweetie :) kitty should b there to cheer u up!

  13. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. <3 I feel better today, yay. Lots of tea and resting really help. :D

    @Nailderella: You should! This gold dust stole my heart too, it's so pretty in RL. :) You can't go wrong with such a nice glitter polish and low price! :D

    @Julia Natalia: Thank but at the moment I have lots of swaps to complete first. :) Maybe later!

    @Eileen: You should be here, it's so cold like it's winter already, we even had snow few days ago - in October! :ice I'm not a winter person at all, wearing lots of clothes and still being cold is a nightmare for me. :/ Thanks! :h

    @Lendoxia: Ćitam ti misli! :P Hvala! :k

    @Polish AMOR: He makes me laugh all the time. xD Thanks! :k

  14. I hope you get well soon honey =]
    LOVE the mani and all the previous mani's too, they'r all super stunning =]
    I know what you mean about it being cold, but woah snow already for you?! Thats crazy lol! I do love the winter but I hate being cold.... lol yes i'm weird =P

  15. Looks good, I never know what to layer a gold glitter on other than a gold / bronze polish but I may have to try this myself :)

  16. Royal blue and gold are one of my favourite combos, your nails looks gorgeous ;)

  17. Hey sweety! Thank you for this great inspiration :b , I have both of them: Chuk & Make It Golden! and this will be my next mani, so I will think about you! Get well soon!

  18. Okay,, It is true! I LOVE this combo! Stunningly perfect!

  19. joooj kako lepi kako lepa kombinacija....tisto manikuro s hello kitty pa raj sploh ne komentiram, ker je tako popolno narisano, da je vsak komentar odveč:) :r :)

  20. predobra kombinacija :D
    nadam se da si već bolje ;)

  21. I loveee this combination, so pretty! :) cute! have i ever told you how much i love the shape of your nails? hugs*

  22. @Sara ♥'s ...: Thanks dear! :) Well I also love winter, especially the first snow but just if I don't have to go anywhere. :D Being cold is the worst thing in winter and also fall. :/

    @Enigma: Gold would probably look gorgeous with any color. :P

    @Belladona: Ty. :)

    @Mary Ann: Can't wait to see your combo! :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks! Me too. :L

    @Pink_Diamond: Hvalaaaaaaaaaaa. :h

    @nail crazy: Zdrava ko dren. :P

    @Lydz: Thanks dear, means so much to me. :h


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