Saturday, October 29, 2011

Swap with Tammy from Canadian Nail Fanatic

I've so few packages to show you but let's start with the first I got quite a few weeks ago. :)

I don't know if you are familiar with Tammy but she runs a blog at Canadian Nail Fanatic. You can find lots of amazing stamping manicures, so be sure you'll check her out. :) Long time ago she had a giveaway, where she's giving away quite a few bottles of Merry Midnight. I knew there're tiny chances to win it, so I contacted her if maybe she has any bottles left. :$

Merry Midnight

Yap, she had it and now it's all mineeeeeeeee. <3 I know there's a close dupe from Orly's Birds of Feather collection Fowl Play, which I also want (you can never have enough of gorgeous flakie like this :$) but having Merry Midnight in my hands is just... Amazing. :b You probably know that some are selling MM for high prices and I just can't afford it so thank you Tammy for sending me this stunning beauty. :h

She also sent me some of OPI polishes I had on my WL. <3

Steady as She Rose
Mod About You
Crown me Already

Last but not least,as an extra she included her favorite pink, which is really amazing, another flakie polish <3 and some nail stickers and rhinstones, which are lost somewhere in my room. I really need to clean my room. xo

Cosmo - One Track Mind
Maybelline Colorama TC Ruby Rays

I was so excited when I got her package and I still am when I saw all my new babies. :)

Thank you soooo much. :h

Do you own Merry Midnight? Isn't this polish just amazing? <3 Can't wait to try all my new toys. I'm so busy with my study so I'm wearing same manicure for whole week. I have no idea when I'll be able to try them all. xo One by one and one day I'll get there. :D

Thank you so much for reading! :rainbow

Ivana :k

17 Comment(s):

  1. Mod About You is awesome! So is Crown Me Already!

  2. I picked up Merry Midnight a long time ago- way before I was into nail polish like I am now! It was in a hair salon and I thought it was pretty. :)

  3. Merry Midnight, Crown me Already and Maybelline Colorama TC Ruby Rays are amazing colors :)
    Bas su divne sve :)

  4. Great swap! Don't forget to show us all those beauties properly!

  5. I don't have Merry Midnight, but I think it looks stunning!

  6. Wow! Great polishes you've swapped!! ♥

  7. OMG, i love them all :) lucky girl :)

  8. Aww... that was really sweet of her =] Can't wait to see your swatches of them! They look so pretty :D

  9. i got merry mdinight and fowl play in a swap recently, and they are tooo pretty loll, looking forward to seeing your swatches : )

  10. Glad for you!
    I love this pink and its bottle!! Really cute!

  11. Predivan swap,jedva čekam swatcheve ;))

  12. WOW Ivana that is one AMAZING swap!!!! Seriously I can't wait to see all those beauties on your perfect nails =)

  13. Thanks for your sweet comments. I actually can't wait to try them all. :) Like I said, I'm too busy with my school to polish my nails more often. :/ I'll do my best to show them all very soon. :$

    @Elfin814: I'm sure you're not sad that you have it. It's soooo pretty. <3

    @nail loopy: I can't wait to see your swatches too! :)

    @rock-or-not: Me too! It has an amazing shimmer, so pretty in person. <3

  14. We have SUCH similar tastes lol I have 3/4 polishes of your wish list on MY wishlist lol I can't wait to see swatches (: I LOVED my address is hollywood on your recent post.

  15. Merry Midnight & Crown me already have me wiping the drool off my face!! LOL I MUST OWN THESE!!! Adding to my Xmas must haves! lol xx

  16. One Track Mind by Cosmo is literally making me go crazy! I need that pink in my life!

  17. @ami: :i That's awesome, I rarely find girls with same taste as mine. :D Thank you for leaving a comment. I wish I could try them soon but I'm so busy with school lately. :/

    @Prettyfulz: Yap, you need them! :i

    @Marketta at Pink Polish Addict: Absolutely! 8) The shimmer inside is soooo pretty. <3


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