Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just checkin' in...

... to say hi to all my old and new followers. :) My life is really busy atm so I'm not really able to blog as before + I have some major issues with my lap top. I still paint my nails all the time of course, but I'm sharing pictures mostly on Instagram - IvanaThinksPink if you would like to follow me there.

Anyway, my nails were pretty long but when I started with a job few weeks ago, I broke every possible piece of my nail so I'm stucked with nubs! They're peeling and so weak but I hope I'll get them back into last condition in a few weeks. I admire all of you who can have long nails and work with your hands a lot! :)

I'll share some pics from Instagram so you can see some of my manicures... :P

Orly - Beach Cruiser
Orly - Beach Cruiser & Essence - Make it Golden

Orly - Flirty

p2 - Rich & Orly - Fowl Play
Essence - Fall for me & Deborah Lippmann - Glitter in the Air
OPI - Steady as She Rose + Essence - Make it Golden

CH Nail #14

Models Own - Pinky Brown
Which one is your favorite? As you can see, I'm still a big fan of pink! :P :L

Ivana :k

14 Comment(s):

  1. Beach Cruiser is and will be my favourite forever!

    Haha I wonder how long nailed ladies can manage with their everyday life without any breaks too!
    Mine are weak and I must keep them quite short... Even if I'm trying to get them longer.

    Wishing you all the best with your outside life! :-)

  2. a napokon da i ti nesto napises :) favoriti su mi lippman i ovaj sa make it golden iako ni roze nisu lose :)

  3. Lepo, da si se spet oglasila. 4, 5 in 6 so mi najlepše, take bi nosila tudi sama na nohtih. :)

  4. i see everyone's loving essence's make it golden - such a lovely lovely polish! <3

  5. drago mi je da si uhvatila vremena da se javiš s kojom riječi <3
    dobre su ti manikure, krasne bojice :D

  6. I love the OPI - Steady as She Rose + Essence - Make it Golden combo! And I always adore the pinks!!

  7. Lovely. Too bad I don't have instagram always like watching your nails.

  8. Sorry your poor nails broke so much at your job : ( It is hard to work with long nails!
    Just don't work quite so hard : )

    Your nails look great : )

  9. Hi Ivana!
    I am a new follower \ o /
    Love your mani's!
    And your nails are still beautiful: D
    I work on the computer, so I do not have much problem with the breaking of nails, but when it happens it's really sad
    Keep showing us your beautiful nails!
    Kisses, directly from Brazil ♥

  10. pretty pinks and i lovee that light blue mani, so gorgeous!

  11. I'm so happy to read a new post! I missed you. ç_ç
    Hope you're ok with your new job, and sorry for your nails, but they are still lovely!
    Hugs! <3


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