Saturday, June 26, 2010

Essence - Best Friends & Heart Chakra (LE Into the Wild)


How are you girls? I’m so tired, I think this weather is quilty for my sleepiness. It’s not sunny, It’s not rainy, something in the middle and for sure I don’t like it.

Today I’ll show you 2 nail polishes from Essence. On my hands I have Best friends, on my foot Heart Chakra. I will show you my pedicure, but please don’t smile at my fingers. I think that foot fingers are so funny. More I look them, they are uglier.

Hearth chakra is from limited edition Into the wild. It’s a peach creme polish. I simply loveeee this color. Best friends is a white pearl polish. I think I have old version, because I saw in store new version with same name, but I'm not sure. I bought it a long time ago, it was one of my first polish I bought.

Here it is:

I add 2 coats, there were some bubbles that I don’t like so I will remove this mani tommorow.

Here is Heart Chakra mani I had a while ago:

I think I add 3 coats for perfect opacity, but it's absolutely worth, because it's really a breathe-taking color.

And here are my mani and pedi.. Don’t smile!

Have a great day!


6 Comment(s):

  1. uuuf tale heart chakra je res leeepaaaa <3

  2. Iii res imaš luštna stopala. :D Priznam, lepša so kot moja :D
    Zelo mi je všeč Best Friends. Tak čudovit mlečen odtenek je! <3
    Tagala sem te z "the 10 things that make me happy" tagom! Sem že radovedna kaj boš napisala! :)

  3. @ mancina se štima: Jaa ful je lepa. :) Jst sm si kr 2 flaški tega laka kupla. :P

    @ Tiana: Hvala, men so pa res smešna, hehe. :) In hvala za tag. :*

    @ With love, Ana: Hvala, men se res ne zdi, hihi. :P :*

  4. Heart Chakra is such a gorgeous colour! Love it!

  5. @ amelie/megalie/belle: I agree with you. Tnx for comment. :))


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