Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to the 50's with Lightning Bolt

I didn't wear this because I added a coat of super pretty jelly and made jelly sandwich but I took some photos to show you how Lightning Bolt look like. It's a white creme crackle from China Glaze. I don't know why but I'm so over these crackles, I want something fresh, new, no more new crackles, please. xo

It dries fast and matte, I added a coat over Back to the 50's from Essence.

Close up. :i

 Nail Tek - Foundation 2 / 1 coat
China Glaze - Lightning Bolt / 1 coat

What's your favorite crackle? Do you want more crackles in your collection?

That's all for today, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! :rainbow

Ivana :k

20 Comment(s):

  1. it looks really pretty! I need to try this combo.
    I haven't used my crackle polishes that much....
    and I also think we should go to sth else now...some new things BUT I still love seeing shatter manis!

  2. This is a cool combo.
    I think I already have enough crackles in my life.

  3. Great combo, I hardly ever use my crackle polish, I don't think I will be buying more either :-P

  4. I like it! I have a couple of crackle polishes too, but don't ever wear them... Guess I've seen them a bit too much. But when I see this, I really do like it. Ah well... Going to try my newest ones ♥

  5. @Crazy4makeup: Ty. :h

    @Nailderella: Thanks. :) Me too, I just don't want new collections full of crackles. xD I usually wear crackles when I need to hide tip wear or mistakes. :D

    @Carolina: Me too! Ty. <3

    @Polish AMOR: Every other brand have crackles now, why they don't start this obsession with holos, that'd be so much better. :L

    @KimsKie's Nails: Thanks. :) Crackles are great when you want to spice up your manicure or if you're just too lazy and not in the mood for removing. :) Can't wait to see your manis!

  6. I like a black crackle/shatter right now because Halloween is coming up. But I think switching over to green for the Winter holidays will be fun.
    Either way, your mani is awesome!

  7. I love crackles but im not so fond of the metal crackles...i dont know why. This combination is very very pretty! :k

  8. Baš lijepo izgleda,puca slično kao Essence...

  9. Mislim, da imam dovolj cracklov, jaz rabim več holotov v svoji zbirki, ker je tu res boga.

  10. krasno je ispuca, dobra kombinacija :L

  11. I've awarded you with the Classic Beauty Award!

  12. super je kombinacija, a cracklova nekako sad ima na svakom koraku pa mi ih je pomalo i dosta

  13. Jaz se jih še nisem naveličala, sploh za "popravljanje" manikur ne.. :D Je pa malo bedno, ker res vse znamke delajo samo crackle, ker so "in".
    Mi je všeč kombinacija! ;)

  14. I'm so over the crackles too. Got too many, worn too many! I'm not even sure if I ever really liked them :)

  15. Looks so great!

  16. Ivana tole je pa najlepša kombinacija kar sem jih videla z belim crackle-om!!! Pa kako lepo je razpokal! pefekcija! <3

  17. Awesome combo! I really need more crackle because I got rid of a lot of them... dumb me!

  18. Thank you ladies for all your comments. :) I guess we all want something new, no more crackles, right? :)

    @Nina: Stvarno? Meni se ćini, da Essence svakako puca drugačije nego svi drugi, nekako po dužini se samo raztegne. xD

    @Pretty Lil' Things: Thanks! :h

    @lunca: Ja za popravljanje manikur so pa res super. :) Meni so ravno zaradi tega še najbolj všeč. Vsaj tako jih bom porabila, ker se res prehitro sušijo že v flaškah. :/

    @Anna.: Joj, hvala. :$

    @tasha~: I'm sure you can get them anywhere now, they're really everywhere. xD


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