Saturday, October 2, 2010

China Glaze - Rich & Famous Matte & Comparison

On the request I add a Matte Topcoat on beautiful bright jelly pink Rich & Famous. senyum

Let me show you a comparison with TC and with matt TC. TC I use is Seche Vite and matte TC is Essie - Matte about you.

On all nails

Tips are so much more visible on pictures as in real! What do you think? What finish do you prefer more? I really like both. At first I was sure I won't like matte, but I really love it! I think I'll matte more pinks in the future. ihikhik

When I usually upload pictures, Blogger always made it worse and bad quality. So I find out what helps! If you save your image as .png and not .jpg quality of picture stays good and even if you resize the picture! Just the uploading time is longer, but I really think it's worth to wait.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!!


17 Comment(s):

  1. Ajme kako ovo lijepo izgleda, sviđa mi se i jedna i druga verzija :)

    I hvala na ovoj info za slike, i ja sam primjetila kako mi bloger zamuti slike kad ih povećam a tako se trudim da budu što čišće.

  2. I like the shiny better, but that's just me. It's pretty to see, but it's just not me. Pretty color, though.

  3. I like the look of matte for a change now and then, but I apply hand lotion so often that my mattes turn to satin before I know it.

  4. Personally I really don't like matte. It is not ugly, but I just don't like the finish. It is oke with Rich and Famous, but I prefer the normal finish, it is way more beautiful

  5. I like so much matte!!! ^_^

  6. I like matte finish and this one looks very nice.

  7. Very interesting!, I think I like the matte effect.
    I have CG matte, but only used ones.
    Thank you for sharing the tip about the pic quality.;)

  8. ooh, Rich & Famous looks SO good both ways!

    p.s. i suck! i thought i was following you already..but i wasnt. =/ sorry!

  9. super je na oba nacina ali meni se mat vise svidja, trenutno sam u toj fazi ;)

  10. @Lalica: Hvala! Nema na čemu, nadam se, da će ti koristiti! Stvarno me je živciralo, jer kad sam smanjila slike pojavile su se mrlje i nije bilo to to. Ali sad mislim, da su slike ljepše. :)

    @Megan Harmeyer: I totally understand you and thank you for your comment. It wouldn't be interesting if everyone would love same things. :P

    @mancina se štima: Hvala, meni sta tudi obe všeč. :)

    @KarenD: Really? I didn't know that's possible, I really don't apply lotion a lot. x) Maybe I should fix that for good of my hands. :P

    @Melanie: Thank you for your comment, it's always good to hear different opinions!

    @Rose: Thank you! I really like the result, think I should try with another polish too. :P

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Thank you! :)

    @Carolina: I love it too! :) Thank you!

    @Arie: Thank you! I also have Essie for ages and I don't use it often. Maybe we should. :P
    You're welcome! I really hate it when picture become worse, so I'm glad that I found out something. :)

    @Katrina: Thank you! Don't be sorry, I'm glad that you're my follower now! You're my 150th follower, yaaay! :*

    @hermetic: Hvala na komentaru! I ja mislim, da ću matirati u buduče više nego sad, jer stvarno ne izgleda loše. :)

  11. mat verzija je divna :) bas lijepo istakne se sama boja jer nema sjaja koji odvlaci paznju :)

  12. How pretty! I usually dont like matte but that was a great one! And beautiful nails ;)

  13. @Lendoxia: Super si to opisala i stvarno si u pravu! :)

    @Thifa: Thank you :)

  14. Koliko košta ovaj Essie mat lak? :)

    1. Pa zavisi gde ga kupis, kod nas u Sloveniji verovatno oko 10€, na e-bayu manje. Ali sad ima pa skoro svaki brand matt nadlak (i Essence i Catrice (bar su ga imali)) pa bi ja prije kod drugih pogledala. :)


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