Monday, June 11, 2012

Very Berry Replay

I wasn't really sure what to wear on my nails when I removed my Houndstooth Nails today so I picked just 2 random polishes and played with them. :D
I have this combo on my left hand and reverse combo on my right hand and I must say I love it. It's kind of weird and funky, but I love when my nails are something special. :P

I used Very Berry and Replay from Essence, but both are discontinued now. :/ Such a shame, because I love them so much! ^_^
 OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener
Thumb, index, middle finger: Essence - Replay / 2 coats
Ring finger, pinkie: Essence - Very Berry / 2 coats

Quick post for today! Would you wear a combo like this? :)

Have a lovely start of the week! :h

Ivana :k

19 Comment(s):

  1. Both are such pretty shades, too bad they are discontinued.

  2. Beautiful shades, the green looks really pretty on you!

  3. I love this colour combo!

  4. In Poland we don`t have "essence multi dimension":(

  5. krasne boje, samo mi na palcu i malom prstu lak izgleda kao dva različita, ne kužim u čemu je poanta... valjda igra svjetlosti ;-D

  6. love the color combination! your nails are gorgeous

  7. verry berry mi je super boja, a nekako mi je cudno vidjet ovako pola pola kombinaciju, koje je boje bio palac?

    1. Replay, zar se ne vidi malo? :) A na drugi ruci imam samo obrnuto. :i

    2. ajme vidi stvarno, nisam dovoljno dobro pogledala

  8. Love it! Maybe too crazy for some people but I love it!!

  9. This combo look lovely on your nails (BTW they are gorgeous :L) I never thought about this way to mix colors, I usually tend to mix them on same nail (these day I'm trying laser nails).

  10. I lo-lo-loooooove this combo... accent nails are the perfect way to create a funky manicure with very little extra (as in stamping, sponging etc).
    Great two shades!

  11. wow this green is so amazing....

  12. I'm in awe with this combo! These are two of the colours I've always loved mixing, they seem born to be together!
    BTW let me say your nails are gorgeous...


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