Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Manicure #2

I didn't plan doing any skittles manicure for this Valentine's day because I'm not having so many plates to play with like last year. :D But yesterday after small talk with Liz on Twitter I decided to make at least something like last year. :D So I checked all plates I have and this is what I came up with....

All the colors and image plates I used are in the description under the photos so I won't write them here again. I choose dotted bow and hearts, sponged glitter and lovely stripe pattern,...Of course, you can wear one pattern for a full manicure nail or skittles like me. :D I did just my left hand because I'm planning to do more manicures so today I was walking around with only one hand polished, oops. :$

Here's the final result. :$ And of course, I had to add hearts one the first pictures in CS3 again! I just love how cute they are! :L

Essence - Nail Art Protecting Base Coat
Thumb: Essence - Very Berry / 2 coats + m59 & Essence - Style me Love / stamping + Pink Rhinestone
Index: Essie - French Affair / 3 coats + m65 & Essence - Style me Love / stamping
Middle: Orly - Fancy Fuchsia / 2 coats + m59 & Essence - Style me Love / stamping + Pink 3D Steel Glitters
Ring: Essence - Mr. Big / 2 coats + Essence - It's Time for Romance / sponged
Pinkie: China Glaze - Heli-Yum / 2 coats + BPS m17 & Essence Stamp me! White & Essence - Style me Love / stamping
Beauty Secrets TC Fast Finish Polish Dryer 

I really can't decide what's my favorite design, because I'd wear all this patterns as full manicure for sure. <3 The pink beads I added on my middle nails started staining after applying TC so I'm wondering how do you prevent that? It happened now with pink and purple beads a while ago with different TCs. :/ But if I don't layer a TC over them, they start falling much faster...

What do you think about this skittle manicure?? :) Thanks for reading! :rainbow

Okay, another post done... Now it's time for me to play with statistics.. It's midnight and I love studying at night, because everyone including our little devil is sleeping, so I have my own peace. :D

Ivana :k

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  1. This is so adorable. I can't wait to go home and play with all my plates!

  2. I love it Ivana!! Very pretty!

  3. This colors are really sweet and those tiny beads are great on your middle finger <3 ~

  4. It cracks me up that you were walking around with one hand painted!! lol!

    I love your creative skittles. I think I like the pinky the best. I think I want to do a skittles mani now! If only I could stamp like you do!!

    And studying at midnight?!? Jeez, your crazy! That would be a total snooze fest for me....I would probably just fall asleep! What can I say, I'm a grandma that falls asleep at like 9:30, lol!

  5. I don't know which one I like best either. they're all cool and totally suitable for Valentine's day. :D

  6. čudovito.. tisti mini srčki so res cute :)

  7. Great mani!!
    My fav is the pinky!

  8. So pretty! I need to do a Valentines Day mani!

  9. I completely love that ring finger !!!

  10. This is super pretty! I love it, so girly and sweet =)

  11. lady in pink... ako ti nisi za romantiku, nitko živ nije ;-D

  12. Sooo cute! It spreads love :D And good luck with studying!

  13. Really cute! I love Valentine's Day manicures :)
    When I didn't know your blog yet I remember Rebecca Likes Nails did this 'As Seen On...' thing. That's how I found your blog, so that Valentine's Day manicure was the first thing I ever saw!

  14. sladak je skittles, najvise mi se svidja kombinacija na malom prstu

  15. I love skittles! All of your nails look awesome, but I especially like the ring finger :)

  16. oh my goodness!! i love your nails! and i loove love these! perfect!

  17. I like it, it is so cute ;). Today I postet a valentine design on my blog.

    lg Neru

  18. I've never tried to wear different colors on each nail but it looks great!
    BTW, I love Mr Big!

  19. I love your skittles manis! I just mentioned you on my blog, regarding skittles manis :)

  20. WOW, love it!:)
    just found out for your blog from a friend.
    I really like how it looks like. I'm a new follwer.

  21. So cute!
    I tagged you in a nail polish tag on my blog.
    Check it out :)

  22. I admire your skittles manicure work! I wish I could build up the confidence to try my own :)


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